Year 13 Mathematics

Year 13 Mathematics

This course is aligned to Fiji's Year 13 Mathematics syllabus.

The study of Mathematics in Year 13 aims to enable students develop the appreciation and understanding of the role of Mathematics in our everyday existence. It also helps students to acquire concepts and skills for continuous learning in mathematics, support learning in other subjects, and develop meta-cognitive skills. Year 13 Mathematics provides students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge to prepare for tertiary studies and work life.

There are 9 strands and 33 Tutorials and 82 lessons in the TeachMe Year 13 Mathematics course, which corresponds to the coverage required by the syllabus.

What You Learn


Per student

74 Lessons

Written lessons by expert teachers that cover the Y13 Mathematics Syllabus.

Practice Questions

318 Practice questions with step-by-step solutions.

318 Lesson Quizzes

Quizzes for each sub-strand include instant feedback with explanatory answer.

Exam Prep

Over 300 Exam prep Questions and Solutions for each sub-strand.

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