Year 12 Math Video Lessons


Recommended Video Lessons

These videos have been compiled from various YouTube and other sources and provided as supplementary learning resource. This content should not be taken as a substitute for resources provided by schools and teachers. While we have made all efforts to correctly aggregate these videos to match the Year 12 Math syllabus, we do not guarantee that this compilation is error-free. Please read our Terms of Service.

1.1 Social Mathematics

Buying on Credit

Credit Card and Debit Card

Benefits of Early Repayment

1.2 Modular System and Group

Modulo Arithmetic

Group – Part2

Modulo Table

Group – Part 1

1.3 Indices

Laws of Indices

Solving Equations

Simplifying using Indices


Introduction to Logarithms

Rationalize the Denominator

2.1 Equations

Linear Equations – Part 1

Linear Equations – Part 2

Linear Equations – Part 3


Subject of the formula

Difference of two squares

Quadratics Expressions – Factorizing when a=1

Factorizing by grouping

Quadratics Expressions – Factorizing when a≠1

Solving Quadratic Equations: By factoring

Solving Quadratic Equations: By completing square

Solving Quadratic Equations: By quadratic formula

Quadratic Inequalities


Nature of Roots

Algebraic expressions

2.2 Remainder and Factor Theorem

Long Division of Polynomials

Remainder Theorem

Factor Theorem

2.3 Sequence and Series Application

Sigma Notation

Sequence defined Recursively

Arithmetic Sequence: Finding nth term

Arithmetic Sequence: Sum of the nth term

Geometric Sequence: Finding nth term

Geometric Sequence: Sum of the nth term

Sum to Infinity

3.1 Graphs

Relation and Functions

Linear graphs

Quadratics and Turning Point

Cubic Equations

Hyperbolic Graphs

Absolute Value Graph

Square Root Graph

Logarithmic and Exponential

Graphing circle from its standard equation

Graphing circle from feature

3.2 Simultaneous Equations


Linear and Quadratic

Linear and Hyperbolic

Linear and Circles

4.1 Coordinate Geometry


Equation of a Line

Angle and gradient

Parallel Lines

Perpendicular Lines

Collinear Points

5.1 Non Right Angle Triangles

Pythagoras Theorem


Sine and Cosine Rule

Exact Values

Area of Triangle

Conversion of Angles

Arc Length/Area of


Trigonometric Equations

6.1 Matrix Transformation

Transforming Points

Finding transformation

Invariant Properties

Determinant and Area

Transformation Matrix and its Inverse

Combined Transformations

7.1 Statistical Analysis


Measures of Centre

Measures of Spread: ungrouped

Measures of Spread: grouped

Measures of Spread: quartile

Adding by a constant

Multiplying by a Constant

Interpreting Information

8.1 Probability Experiments


Probability Trees

With Replacement

Lattice Diagram

Without Replacement

Venn Diagrams

Expected Number

8.2 Normal Distribution




Tables & applications

9.1 Limits

Definition of Limits

Calculation of Limits

9.2 Differentiation

Derivative Definition 

Power Rule

Fractional Indices

Negative Indices

Higher derivatives


9.3 Integration

Indefinite Integral

Constant of Integration

Definite Integral