Refund Policy

You agree that the following are the terms and conditions which, together with the Terms and conditions and Privacy policy, govern the formation of the contract between you and Teachme for the use of the Course(s) when Teachme accepts your enrolment into a Course and payment of the Fee by you is confirmed.

Users must request a refund for Teachme or for one or more Courses of Teachme in writing by email to or filling the REFUND FORM. Users will receive a full refund for Teachme or for one or more Courses of Teachme if they have submitted a written refund request by email to within 7 days of enrolling.

Users will not receive a refund for one or more Courses if they:
Submit a refund request after 7 days of enrolling, or
Have never logged into the Course/module but are requesting refund more than 7 days after enrolling, except in circumstances where they can show reasons acceptable to Teachme for their failure to log into a Course. All refunds will be at the sole discretion of Teachme.

In the event of severe technical difficulties on the part of Teachme that prevent access to the Course for more than 5 days, an extension in access time to the Course will be offered to the user.

Users will receive a full refund if they have been unable to access or use an Teachme Course properly due to technical difficulties in the Teachme platform for the duration of their access time in the Course. However, refunds will not be given if the difficulties in accessing Teachme is due to incompatibility with the user’s computer system. This Course is not optimised for use on a smart phone, therefore, for a full comprehensive experience you will need to use a desktop, laptop or tablet. Teachme will notify a user by email that a refund has been approved within 7 days of approval. All refunds approved by Teachme will be paid within 30 days of this notification date.

A user may appeal in writing to Education Software Solutions (EdSoft) – the creators of Teachme ( in the event of a dispute over fee refund or any other matter that cannot be settled through consultation with Teachme administration or staff. These terms and conditions may be changed from time to time without notice. Nothing in this document precludes a user’s right to take action under Fiji’s consumer protection laws.

Teachme reserves the right to alter any of the arrangements for the Courses either before or during the program, to cancel or terminate the program or refuse any enrolment.